Introduction: Crews and Agents

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This tutorial is for Admins and SuperAdmins with the goal of teaching them how to add new Crews and then invite Agents to them.

Important note: We use the term 'Agent' to refer to all your company's users on TABLE, regardless of their role unless otherwise stated (i.e. SuperAdmins, Admins, and Agents are all referred to as Agents unless we specifically are talking about the role).

Crews are specialized teams that are made up of one or more Agents to provide a specific service for your Contacts. Segmenting your Agents into Crews allows your customers to access the right team based on their needs.

After setting up Crews, you will want to invite your Agents to them. Whether you're inviting someone to join your company's TABLE account for the first time, or adding an existing Agent to an additional Crew, you will use the same invite method.

We will cover:

  1. Adding a Crew
  2. Adding Agents to Crews

Each section in this tutorial contains a how-to video and any relevant additional resources.

Get Started:

Adding a Crew

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