Cloning Experiences

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Make a copy of an existing Experience using the Clone feature. Cloned Experiences are an easy way to produce similar or duplicate Experiences on the same server without having to recreate them entirely. Follow the steps below to clone an Experience.

  1. Click on the Experiences section and select the Experience you'd like to clone.
  2. Select the three dots at the top right of the Experience Manager.
  3. Select the Clone option from the dropdown.

Once clicked, you will automatically be taken to the Experience Manager of the cloned Experience. You can confirm this by seeing that the title of the Experience now has "(Copy)" next to it.

As Experience titles are visible to both your Agents and Contacts, it is suggested that you rename your cloned Experience so the "(Copy)" text is no longer visible.

Now that your Experience has been cloned, you can edit and share via the unique URL.

The cloned Experience has a different URL to the original Experience.

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