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Our WhatsApp integration allows your customers to engage with your bot and your team from their WhatsApp messenger.

Please note that the TABLE team will need to setup the WhatsApp integration for you before you are able to complete any of the steps below.

Experience Initiation Phrases

From their WhatsApp account, customers will send the initiation phrase to your company's WhatsApp number to trigger the Experience. This initiation phrase will be defined when your team creates the Experience.

To enable an Experience for WhatsApp and set the initiation phrase simply:

  1. Go to the Experiences section of your TABLE account and select the Experience that you'd like to enable WhatsApp for. If you're creating a new Experience, select "Add Experience".
  2. In the "Thread" field, select the Thread that is associate with your WhatsApp number.
  3. The "Initiation Phrase" field will appear. Enter the phrase you'd like to associate with this Experience. Any time a customer messages this phrase to your company's WhatsApp number, this Experience will be triggered.
  4. Save the Experience

Experience Steps in WhatsApp

Some steps in an TABLE Experience correspond directly with WhatsApp's interface. Others, may look different than they normally do if a customer is using TABLE in a browser.

Add Service

With the WhatsApp integration, the Add Service option acts as it usually does within TABLE. On the Agent side, it notifies the Crew or specific Agent and labels the Conversation as "Agent Needed". On the customer side, they will see the Typical Response Time message that is defined within the Crew Settings.

Auto Continue

Auto Continue steps act as they usually do, and go immediately to the next step with no action needed from the customer.

Book Appointment

Book Appointment steps send the bot message, then drops a link for the customer to follow to schedule the appointment in a browser. Once they have booked the appointment, they are prompted to return to the WhatsApp conversation.

Free Form Text

Free Form Text steps act as they usually do within TABLE. Customers can respond to these steps by typing their answer and sending in WhatsApp.

Invite Friends

Invite Friends steps send the bot message then drops a link for the customer to follow to invite friends. Once they have invited a friend, they are prompted to return to the WhatsApp conversation.

Make Payment

The Make Payment step acts similarly to the Book Appointment and Invite Friends steps. Customers will receive the bot message with a link in WhatsApp which they can follow to complete the credit card field in a browser. Once they have filled out the credit card field, they will be prompted to return to the WhatsApp conversation.

Multiple Choice

In Multiple Choice steps, the bot message will appear along with the response options. These response options are automatically labeled starting with [1], [2], [3], etc. The customer will need to type and send the number that corresponds to the choice they'd like to pick.

Please note that if you include images with your Multiple Choice response options - they will NOT be visible to the customer in WhatsApp.

Update Account

These steps will include the bot message and then a link for the customer to follow to complete the Update Account step (entering their name and email) in a browser. Once completed, they will be prompted to return to their WhatsApp conversation.

Other notes:

Any files that you include with Experience steps (images, PDFs, GIFs, etc.) will be sent to the customer in WhatsApp for them to view in the conversation.

Using TABLE Chat Features in WhatsApp


Customers can send messages and upload files from the WhatsApp conversation, which Agents are able to view from the Conversation in TABLE. Voice recordings are sent as files which Agents can play and download within the TABLE Conversation.


Agents can send messages and upload files in the TABLE Conversation which are visible to the Customer in WhatsApp. This includes any messages sent using Message Templates.

Agents can start voice or video calls in the TABLE Conversation which sends a link to the customer and redirects them to a browser so they can join the call.

Triggering an Experience brings the bot into the Conversation which follows the rules in the section above.

The "Trigger Booking Flow" and "Request Payment" options send the customer links in the WhatsApp conversation that direct them to complete these actions in a browser.

TABLE to WhatsApp Transition

If a customer wants to transition from using TABLE in a web browser to WhatsApp, Agents can send them a unique QR code so they can pick up where they left off in the same Conversation in WhatsApp.

To do this, please note that the customer must have created the Conversation by engaging with an Experience that has been enabled for WhatsApp (i.e. the Experience is in a WhatsApp Thread).

Agents can click on the WhatsApp icon at the top of the Conversation. This sends a QR code to the customer which they can scan to open WhatsApp with an automated message.

Sending this automated message allows the customer to continue the same conversation in WhatsApp.

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