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TABLE allows you to group your Contacts into Segments to easily manage your customer relationships and target specific Contacts for Outbound campaigns. Create these Segments by grouping your Contacts based on certain criteria we call filters. Using different combinations of filters, you can create custom sidebar options that, when clicked, will show all of the Contacts that match those filters.

This allows you to segment your Contacts by things like lifecycle stage, recent activity, subscription plan, location, and much more.

Adding a Segment

Follow the instructions below to add a new a segment:

  1. Go to the Contacts section and click the "Add Segment" button.
  2. Title your segment. The title will appear in the left sidebar and will be clickable to filter the Contacts list.
  3. Click the "+ Add filter group" button.
  4. A field will appear that says "Click to select". Click and select the first filter you'd like to use to segment your Contacts.
You'll have the option of selecting from a list of our standard filters, or from any custom attributes you have added.
  1. If you'd like to, you can continue adding filters and filter groups until you've completed your segment. If you do choose to add more than one filter to your segment, you will need to select "And" or "Or" from the dropdown between filters and filter groups.
  2. Click "Save" and the segment will appear on the left sidebar of your Contacts section.
To show show the Contacts that meet the segment criteria will appear when you select the segment in the sidebar.

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