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TABLE's Reporting section gives you valuable insights into your Agents, Experiences, Contacts, Payments, and more. The "Overview" page is divided into three sections which are explained in more detail below:

The Timeline Graph

The Timeline Graph displays metrics for a number of categories within a specific date range which can be viewed by day, week, or month. The date range defines the timeframe for the metrics displayed on the graph and the Totals section.

Change the date range by clicking on the date fields on the top right and selecting the time range in the calendar popup. Within that date range, you can view by day, week, or month by clicking on the buttons to the left of the date fields.


Populate the graph with different categories of data by clicking the buttons highlighted in orange in the image above. Scroll horizontally to see more buttons. An explanation of the metrics associated with each button is described below:

  • "New conversations" shows the number of conversations created.
  • "New contacts" shows the number of new Contacts that have interacted with your server.
  • "Number of emails captured" shows the amount of Contacts that have provided an email address for the first time. 
  • "Appointments booked" shows how many appointments were made.
  • "Slowest first time response" shows the slowest time between a Crew request and an Agent message.
  • "Average first response time" shows the average time between a Crew request and an Agent message.
  • "Payment details captured" shows the number of times payment details have been collected from Contacts.
  • "Transactions" shows the number of times a one-off payment has been made by a Contact.
  • "Revenue" shows the amount of money that has been transacted through a one-off payment.
See the difference between "one-off" and "collect details" payments here.

Top Agents and Top Experiences

Below the Timeline Graph you'll see a section called Top Agents. Agents are ranked in this section based on the number of messages sent. You can click on "Messages" to view in ascending or descending order.

You can also click on the "Appointments" heading to rank the Top Agents by the number of Appointments instead of messages. You can click on the heading again to switch from ascending to descending order.

Click the "Top Experiences" button the right of "Top Agents" to see the Experiences that have been used in the most Conversations. As with the "Top Agents" section, you can click on the heading to sort by "Appointments" or "Transactions" and then click again to sort those categories in ascending and descending order.


In the "Totals" section, you’ll see the list view of the overall total values for the categories within the date range you have selected. This information will update every time the date range is changed.

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