Setting Your Availability

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If you've been invite to a Crew with an appointment flow, you’ll need to set your availability in order for customers to book appointments with you. To do this follow the steps below.


  1. Click on the Appointments section and select Your Calendar
  2. Click anywhere on the calendar and a modal will pop up so you set your available days/times or you can click and drag. Please note that any availability you set will automatically recur weekly._
    1. If you'd like to add an exclusion to the times you are available, click on the calendar, select the "Add Exclusion” button, then choose your unavailable time range.
You must click on the open areas of the calendar to get the exclude option, you cannot click on the blue blocks of your set available times.  


  1. You can always edit your calendar by clicking on the Availability button then selecting the blue "Edit" button.

Customers cannot find your availability until you set your appointment flow options (created in Crew Settings) in your account settings. Every Agent will be asked to select these options when they sign up for the Crew. Customers choose from these options when they book an appointment, so Agents must have these corresponding options selected.




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