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The search feature can be used to easily find specific Conversations based on their titles or the names of the participants. Titles provide context to Conversations by displaying the name of the Experience a customer accessed, or the titles can be customized to reflect the subject or situation.

Using Search to Find Conversations

The search bar at the top of the Conversations list can help Agents find specific Conversations quickly. Agents can search by customer name or email, Agent name or email, and Conversation title. 

  1. Start by locating the search bar above the list of Conversations.
  2. Next, search the name, email, or title you’d like to find and click the enter button on your keyboard to receive the search results
  3. To search again, click the “clear” button underneath the search bar.

Conversation Titles



When creating an Experience, Admins enter the Conversation Title they would like to be associated with that Experience. This is the default when a Contact creates a Conversation by interacting with that Experience. These titles can provide context for the Conversation and can help to determine where the customer came from, depending on where the particular Experience was posted.

Conversations that are created by an Agent using the Start Conversation button are given a title by the Agent as part of the creation process. 

Note: Your customer will be able to see the Conversation title. 

Changing Conversation Titles



Agents can change a Conversations title to better reflect the subject matter or topic. This can be done in a few steps:

  1. Select the Conversation you’d like to change
  2. Hover over the current title at the top of the Conversation 
  3. Click on the pencil icon when it appears
  4. Edit the title and click “Update” to save

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