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Adding Steps to your Experience-------


Each Experience step consists of a message from the Bot followed by a customer response type. Each response type is explained in detail in this section.

  1. To add your first step, click the "Add Step" button.
  2. Add the Bot's message, or what you would like the Bot to say to the customer during this step. Within the Bot's message, you can include Dynamic Text which autofills the information based on the attribute values saved for the customer. If you'd like to send an attachment along with the message, you can also include a file by selecting the box and uploading the file.
  3. Choose the Customer's Response type from the dropdown menu. More information about the response types below:
    1. Add Service: This option will notify the selected Agent or Crew that they have been requested to join a Conversation.
    2. Auto Continue: This option will send the Bot message associated with it, then immediately go to the next step with no action taken by the customer.
    3. Book Appointment: This option will drop a booking form into the Conversation so the customer can schedule an appointment to speak to the selected Agent or Crew.
    The Crew will need to have Appointments enabled and the Agents will need to set their availability in order for the customer to book time with them.
    1. Date Picker: This displays a calendar that the customer can use to select a specific date.
    2. File Upload: This step allows customers to respond by uploading a file to the Conversation.
    3. Free Form Text: This option allows customers to freely respond to the Bot. The next step will be the same regardless of their answer. When a Free Form Text response type is selected, a field titled Map Response to Attribute will appear and you will be able to select the Attribute you would like to be associated with this step. When a Contact responds to this step with a free form answer, this will be added as the value to the selected Attribute. You can see more about this feature here.
    4. Invite Friends: With this response type, customers will be given an email address field to invite a friend to the Conversation. After an email address is submitted, the customer will be able to click the Send More button to add another friend, or they can continue onto the next step in the Experience.
    Invited people will receive an email with a link to access the Conversation.
    1. Make Payment: This option will allow you to add a credit card field for the customer to complete. 
    Before using this step, the SuperAdmin is required to set up Stripe Credentials in the Workspace Settings.
    1. Multiple Choice: Give customers responses to choose from. Each answer can connect to a different Next Step. You can include images with each multiple choice response by selecting the "Upload an image" button and selecting a file from your computer. When using the Multiple Choice response type, a field entitled Map Response to Attribute will appear under the responses and you will be able to select the Attribute you would like to be associated with this step. When a Contact responds to this step, their answer will be added as the value to the selected Attribute. You can see more about this feature here.
    Multiple Choice responses will remain available to the customer even after they have selected an answer so that they can go back and select another answer option at any time.
    1. Numeric: Customers will need to enter a numeric value for these steps.
    2. Update Account (Guests Only): If the customer is currently a guest, this option will direct them to enter their name and email. This information will be stored in the Contacts section.
  4. Click "Save".
  5. You can continue adding steps until your Experience is complete by selecting the + icons underneath each step, or clicking the "+Add a Step" button in the top right corner of the page. There is more information about this in the section below.
Click the "Edit this step" button to edit, delete, or link the step.

Linking your Experience Steps

Put your Experience steps in order by making sure they're linked correctly. When you add an Experience step using the "+" icon, you automatically link it to the step before. You can manually link a step to any other existing Experience step by clicking the "Edit this step" button, then selecting from the "Next Step" dropdown.

Publishing and Testing your Experience

After you have completed your Experience, use the toggle in the top right corner to publish your Experience. It will be kept in draft form until published. An unpublished Experience will not be accessible to customers even if they have access to the link.

To delete an Experience, it will need to be unpublished. Then use the vertical dots icon to select the delete option.

You can find the Experience's URL by clicking the "Copy Link" button in the Experiences section, or by using the Settings icon within the Experiences Manager to navigate to the "Distribute" tab of the Experience's Settings. Once you've copied the URL, you can test your Experience by going to the link in a private or incognito browser window. You'll be able to interact with the Bot and go through the Experience as your customers would.


Now that you've successfully created an Experience, you'll need to distribute it.-----------------_


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Distributing an Experience