Adding Crews

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With TABLE, you can segment your Agents into Crews, so the customer is always able to access the right person.

Please note that only SuperAdmins and Admins have access to adding Crews.



  1. To get started, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner and select Team Settings



  1. Select Crews on the left sidebar
  2. Click the Add Crew button on the top right side
  3. Fill out the Crew's name on the Basic Settings page.
  4. Next, enter a Call to Action, or the phrase the customer sees when they click the Request Service within a Conversation to call in a Crew.
The fields on the Basic Settings page are required. All others are optional.


  1. Click on the Advanced Settings page and select either the Default or Round Robin Conversation Assignment. When the Crew is requested with the Default option, every Agent in that Crew will receive a notification that an Agent is needed to join that Conversation. With the Round Robin option, only one available Agent in the Crew will be assigned to that Conversation. You can see more details about the Conversation Assignments here.
  2. Choose the Typical Response Time message that automatically tells the customer when to expect a response if they request a Crew during Office Hours.
  3. If you'd like to, you can enter a Purpose. This is an optional step as it is an internal note and your customers will not see it.
  4. Set Soon to Be Overdue (STBO) and Overdue times to ensure Agents are answering or acknowledging a customer's message or this Crew's "Agent Needed" request within a reasonable time frame. The "Agent Needed" labels seen on the Conversation List will change color to reflect the set STBO and Overdue times if still waiting for an Agent to join.
  5. The Email Invite Message is the message the Agents in this Crew receive when you first invite them to sign up.
  6. Allow customers to use the Request Service button to access this Crew within the Conversation by checking the Invitable by Customer box.
  7. Check the "Agents can see other agent's conversations" box if you'd like the Agents in this Crew to be able to view and join all Conversations associated with this Crew, including other Agents' Conversations. Unchecking this box will mean that the Agents in this Crew will only be able to view the Conversations that they are a part of, as well as any Agent Needed requests for this Crew. Once an Agent joins a Conversation with an Agent Needed request, this Conversation will no longer be visible to other Agents.


  1. If you'd like your customers to be able to book appointments with this Crew, click on the Appointment Settings page and check the Include Appointment Flow box.
  2. Use the title of the appointment flow to ask the customers a question and use the options as the responses they can choose from. This can be used to learn why the customer is booking an appointment, to determine the type of help they need, or to select a specific product or service you offer that they'd like to discuss. When customers go through the booking process, they will answer your title question by selecting one of the options from the drop down menu.
These answer options are also used to further segment your Agents. When Agents sign up for this Crew, they will have to select their areas of expertise based on these options, to ensure that the customer is booking an appointment with the right person.
  1. Set an appointment duration, which is the amount of time an Agent will be booked for when an appointment is made with them.
When Agents sign up for this Crew, they will need to go to their "Appointments" tab and set their availability in order for customers to book them.



Next, you'll need to invite Agents to your Crew. You can learn how to do that here.



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Adding Agents to Crews