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Release Notes

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Next Release:

  • Ability to create and send agreements enabled by our HelloSign integration.

Expected to be released during the week of April 26th, 2021, but this is subject to change.

Past Releases:

v.1.36.0 - April 12th
  • Improvements to Experience tags to make them easier to bulk edit
  • Introduce Markdown within messages which will enable the ability for italics, bold, strikethrough, and more
v.1.35.0 - March 23rd
v.1.34.0 - February 22nd
v.1.33.0 - February 8th
v.1.32.0 - January 26th
  • Ability to connect an external calendar to your TABLE calendar.
  • Addition of the Custom Attributes admin area for Conversation attributes.
v.1.31.0 - January 13th


v1.30.0 - December 14th
v1.29.0 - November 23rd
  • Addition of the "Service Sidebar" which consolidates information about the Crews invited to the Conversation and the Agents who have joined. The "Request Service" button is now accessible from this sidebar as well.
  • Updated 'Start Conversation' flow to create a new Conversations quickly and easily.
  • Ability to start a Conversation and invite a customer using a WhatsApp number instead of an email address.
v1.28.0 - November 10th
  • Ability to add Message Templates, or pre-made messages that Admins and SuperAdmins can create for Agents. This feature replaced the existing Canned Responses feature and will include customizable settings.
  • Several improvements were made to the Agent Information popup including the ability for Admins and SuperAdmins to edit Agents' names and email addresses.
  • Ability to integrate with HubSpot to sync contacts from TABLE to your HubSpot account
  • "Close Conversation" icon added to the top of a Conversation so you can close it without joining
v1.27.0 - October 24th
  • Ability to Schedule Experiences and include an Off Hours Experience Fallback
  • Various Chat Widget UI updates
  • Search functionality added to "All Agents" Appointments view (Admins and SuperAdmins)
  • Edited messages are now labeled
  • Updated Files sidebar (previously the Media Sidebar)
  • Conversation List shows participants' names and the main text
v1.26.0 - September 9th
  • Allow bulk closing of Conversations
  • 'Auto Continue' added to Experience Response Types
  • Various In App Chat improvements 
  • In App Chat “Deep Links” - i.e. the ability to have links on your website that when clicked open the IAC and initiate different Experiences
  • Additional "Agent Needed" push notification reminders if request isn't answered within the STBO and Overdue times
v1.25.0 - August 12th
v1.24.0 - July 31st
v1.23.0 - July 22nd
v1.22.0 - June 26th

Watch Product Updates video

v1.21.0 - June 16th

Watch Product Updates video

v1.20.0 - June 1st
  • Attribute values can now be mapped through Free Form Text Responses in Experiences
  • Experiences can be Imported and Exported
  • Experiences can be Cloned
  • New Crew Setting can be enabled so Agents in a Crew only see their own Conversations
  • Conversation lists are accessible in the In App Chat
  • Video files uploaded to the Conversation will no longer have to be downloaded, they will play in the Conversation.
  • The In App Chat will remain open while browsing
v1.19.0 - May 13th
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations
v1.18.0 - May 1st
  • Contacts can be exported to CSV
  • Guest authentication length increased to last 30 days
  • UI updates on the Contacts, Experiences, Outbound, and Team Settings sections
v1.17.0 - April 24th
  • Updates to the Voice and Video call UI
    • Call control buttons repositioned to the bottom of the call screen
    • Call control buttons will only show on hover, freeing up more screen area
  • Mobile web: Removed the left panel and added an arrow to navigate to other conversations.
  • Non-USD currency support in Payments. We now support
  • Zoe bot has new Experience step:
    • Inviting friends
    • Including files
v1.16.10 - April 7th
  • Messenger UI refresh including text boxes
  • IAC Improvements
    • Video now available for in-app chat
    • Deep linking to open Experiences in-app
    • Auto-initiation of in-app chat Experiences
  • Chinese UI
v1.15.10 - February 28th
  • Updates to the UI (Phase 1) with left navigation bar and general stying on buttons and modals
  • Email templates are simplified with smaller logos, less content, and less footer text.
  • Reduce the volume of emails with improvements to how notifications get threaded when multiple people are messaging.

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