Default and Round Robin Conversation Assignments

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In the Advanced Settings section when adding or editing a Crew, you can choose between a Default or a Round Robin Conversation Assignment. These options determine whether an "Agent Needed" request is sent to all Agents in that Crew (Default), or whether it is automatically assigned to an available Agent who was least recently assigned to a Conversation (Round Robin). Learn more about each of these options below.


With the default Conversation Assignment, every Agent in the Crew will receive a notification when an "Agent Needed" Crew request comes in. At which point, any Agent can view and answer the "Agent Needed" request by joining the Conversation. Once an Agent joins, the request will be fulfilled.

Round Robin

With the Round Robin Conversation Assignment, the "Agent Needed" Crew request will cause the Conversation to be automatically assigned to one available Agent. This Agent is chosen by the system based on who has least recently been added to a Conversation in this way.

If an Agent joins a Conversation in any other way (e.g. they were manually invited, chose to join a Conversation themselves, etc.) this will not affect their place in the queue.

Agents in Crews with Round Robin Conversation Assignments must have the Available toggle turned on in their Settings in order to be considered for the assignment. Simply click the Settings icon in the lower left corner and turn the Available toggle on.

If no Agents are currently available, then the system will fall back to the Default Conversation Assignment.

Agents must turn off their Available toggle if they no longer wish to be a part of the queue. Just closing the TABLE app or browser will not stop available Agents from being assigned a Conversation.

As soon as the Agent is assigned the Conversation, they will receive a notification if enabled. If they don't enter the Conversation, they will receive reminder notifications 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes after the initial assignment.

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