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Welcome to TABLE! 🎉

We're excited to get you up and running! This tutorial is for any role that has been invited by one of their teammates to join their first Crew on TABLE, but is especially aimed at Agents who will be directly interacting with customers.

We will cover:

  1. Signing Up for TABLE
  2. Configuring your Account Settings
  3. Enabling Notifications and Downloading the TABLE Mobile App
  4. Setting your Appointment Availability (Optional: Only needed if Appointments are enabled)

Each section contains a how-to video and any relevant additional resources. By the end of this tutorial your account will be set up and you'll be ready to start collaborating and interacting with your customers.

Please note that we sometimes use the term 'Agent' to refer to all your company's users on TABLE, regardless of their role unless otherwise stated (i.e. SuperAdmins, Admins, and Agents are all referred to as Agents).
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Signing Up for TABLE

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1. Signing Up