Introduction and Interface

A quick look at Conversations and an Interface tour for Agents and Customers

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Starting Conversations

How to start Conversations as an Agent or a customer.

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Joining Conversations

The different ways of joining Conversations on TABLE.

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Filters and Statuses

Easily organize TABLE Conversations using filters for both Crews and Status

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Search and Titles

Use Search to quickly find Conversations. Edit or rename Conversations as the topic changes over time.

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Chat Features

From one-on-one to group chat, TABLE's live chat features include invitations, file-sharing, Experiences, canned responses, internal comments, and embedding video links.

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Voice, Video, and Screen Share

Learn how to go from text chat to personal connection using TABLEs voice, video, and screen share features.

Ryan Crosbie
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Adding Agents and Contacts

Include the right Agent or additional people to the Conversation by adding, inviting, or sharing a public URL.

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