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TABLE’s chat interface provides your team with the tools needed to collaborate with customers and offer an amazing experience. There are several chat-based features that will help improve communication with your customers including group chat, file sharing, embedding YouTube links, starting Experiences, canned responses, and internal comments.

Sending Messages



Chatting in TABLE should feel familiar to any chat application. Simply: 

  1. Select the Conversation where you’d like to send a message
  2. Write your message in the "Type a Message..." field at the bottom of the Conversation
  3. Click the enter/return button on your keyboard to send

Everyone in the Conversation will be notified and be able to see your message. You can edit or delete your message by hovering over your message and clicking the pencil button.

Sending Files



TABLE allows for easy file sharing directly in the Conversation, including photos, documents, contracts, and more. 

To upload a file:

  1. Select the Conversation where you’d like share the file
  2. Click the plus button at the bottom right of the messenger input field 
  3. Select the files you wish to upload and click "Open" or upload a file by dragging and dropping the files anywhere in the selected Conversation.
  4. You will then have the option to change the title and add a comment. Click the "Upload" button to upload and send

Any files that are sent within a Conversation will appear in the Media section to the right of the Conversation. Thumbnail previews of image and video files will appear here, along with the titles of other types of files. 

Trigger Experiences



Agents can conveniently start Experiences directly within a Conversation so your Bot can collect payment details, book meetings, and more. 

To start an Experience within a Conversation:

  1. Select a Conversation you’d like to trigger the Experience in
  2. Click the magic wand icon in the lower right of the messenger input field
  3. Select the Experience you’d like to trigger 
  4. Click "Start" and the Experience will begin

Creating Canned Responses



Canned responses are great for quickly and easily responding to frequently asked questions. You can create them by following the steps below:

  1. Select a Conversation that needs a reply
  2. Click the speech bubble icon in the right corner of the message composer
  3. Click on the “+ Create a canned response” 
  4. Name your canned response to make it easy to find when searched
  5. Input the message, or the response that will be copied to the Conversation when selected 
  6. Click the save button

Using a Canned Response within a Conversation



To access your canned responses:

  1. Select the Conversation where you’d like to use a canned response
  2. Search the name of canned response you’d like to use, or choose from the list, and select 
  3. Click "Copy" to automatically copy and paste the answer into the message field
  4. Press the enter/return button on your keyboard to send

Editing Canned Responses

To edit a canned response:

  1. Select any Conversation and click the Canned Response icon
  2. Select the name of the canned response you'd like to edit
  3. Scroll down to the text box where the canned response is shown and click to edit
  4. Click the "Update" button under the text box and a confirmation message will appear that your response has been updated

Deleting Canned Responses



To delete a canned response:

  1. Select any Conversation and click the Canned Response icon
  2. Select the name of the canned response you’d like to delete
  3. Click “Delete”
  4. Click “Delete” on the confirmation message that appears

Closing Conversations



Use the Close feature to keep your Conversations list up to date with only active Conversations.

To close a Conversation:

  1. Select the Conversation you’d like to close
  2. Click the Close Conversation icon on the lower right corner of the Conversation
  3. Select “Yes, close” when prompted by the confirmation message

Activating Archived Conversations



To activate a conversation:

  1. Go to the Archived status section in the left sidebar
  2. Select the Conversation you’d like to activate
  3. Click the “Make Active” button 

Note: If a customer sends a message or completes an action on an Archived Conversation the Conversation will automatically become unarchived. Agents on the Conversation will be notified as they usually would be on an unarchived Conversation.

Sending Internal Messages 



Internal messages can be sent to privately communicate with other team members within a Conversation. These messages are not visible to the customer and can be used for things like taking notes or to inform other Agents about needs a customer may have.

Internal messages are yellow to highlight that they’re internal only.

To send an internal message: 

  1. Select the Conversation in which you’d like to send the internal message
  2. Check the ‘Internal Only’ box located beneath the message field
  3. Write the message you’d like to send
  4. Click the enter/return button on your keyboard to send

Embedding YouTube Videos



Chat messages that include YouTube links will unfurl automatically in the Conversation so your customer never has to leave the page. Embedding videos within Experiences also works great to show an introductory demo to new website visitors, or specific feature details to customers actively using your product. When a customer engages with an Agent, the Agent will know what video(s) the customer has seen because the history is right in the Conversation. 

To embed YouTube links:

  1. Select the Conversation you’d like to share the video
  2. Paste the YouTube URL into the messenger input
  3. Click enter/return on your keyboard to send 

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