Adding Admins, Agents, and other Superadmins (as an Superadmin)

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Adding Admins, Agents, and other Superadmins (as a Superadmin)

Admins are primarily in charge of adding Agents, creating Crews, creating Experiences, and can view all Agents and customers. They have less control over the company’s overall account than an Superadmin, as they cannot add other Admins or change the Organization's Settings.


  1. Get started: Click on the gear icon and select "Team Settings".


  1. Add Agent: Click on the Add Agent button. _


  1. Account Type: Select the Account Type and decide whether you'd like the invited people to be Superadmins, Admins, or Agents.
    1. Superadmins can do everything Admins and Agents can do. They can create crews and experiences and they can also add and delete other Superadmins, Admins, and Agents and change the Organization's Settings. 
    2. Admins can do everything that agents can do. They can also create crews, make experiences, and invite agents. They cannot add or delete Superadmins or Admins. 
    3. Agents do not have access to the Team Settings page so they cannot create crews or invite other Agents/Admins/superadmins. They also cannot create Experience and they not have access to the Organization Settings page. All agents can do is talk to customers that request service from the crews they are a part of.
  2. Add to Crew: Add them to a Crew (if you haven't created any yet, there is a default one as your company name). Enter their email address and click "Invite". You can enter multiple email addresses by separating with a comma, or uploading a CSV file.




  1. Email: The invited will receive an email that they can click through to sign up.




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