SuperAdmin Accounts - General Overview

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As a SuperAdmin, you can access all of these functions on the platform.

Manage your Crews, Agents, Customers, existing Tables, and Experiences.


  1. Conversations Tab: Here is a list of all unarchived Tables. You can filter on the left sidebar column and click on a Table to view it in a read-only manner. Click "Join" to enter the Table if you want to be active on it.
    1. All: See all of the Tables from all Crews here.
    2. Yours: Only the Tables that you have joined can be viewed here.
    3. By Crew: Here you can filter your Tables by Crew. Only the Crews you have joined will appear here. Once you've selected a Crew, any Table that includes an Agent from that Crew will be visible to you.
    4. By Status: You can filter the Tables by status here.
      1. Active: This occurs when the members within a Table are online and actively using it. 
      2. Agent Needed: This is when a customer has requested assistance from a Crew, and no Crew member has joined yet. The notification will flash faster the longer the customer has been waiting. Once an Agent joins the Table, it will no longer be visible to other Agents.
      3. Unassigned: This is a Table that does not have an Agent assigned to it and hasn’t been routed to a Crew.
      4. Pending: A Session where the last one to be present on the Table is the Agent.
      5. Soon to be Overdue (STBO): Admins set an amount of time for the Agent to respond or acknowledge a customer’s response before it is classified as overdue. The STBO is a warning for the Admins and Agents, that the Agent needs to respond.
      6. Overdue: This is when the Agent has not acknowledged a customer in a predetermined amount of time and has left the customer waiting for too long. It provides both Agents and Admins with a warning after the set amount of time has expired.
      7. Archived: Tables that have been archived can be accessed here.
  2. Contacts Tab: Here you can see all of the users on the platform. You can also create custom Segments to manage your contacts in groups.
    1. Customers: Users that have accepted terms and conditions and entered payment information will appear here.
    2. Qualified Leads: Those that have created an account on your server will appear here.
    3. Leads: These users will appear as "Guest Users". They have not entered any account information.
      1. You can also search for specific customers with the search bar on the top right hand side.
  3. Experiences Tab: On this page, you can create customizable Experiences using our Bot. Once an Experience is created, you can copy the URL and place it anywhere including: Facebook Ads, email campaigns, and buttons on your website/mobile app.
    1. When clicked, the Experience will begin and the Bot will prompt the customers with questions or the information that you programmed. Your Agents can also trigger these Experiences in a Table, if needed.____
  4. Appointments Tab: If you set up a Crew that is able to be booked for appointments by the customer, they will need to set their availability.
    1. Your Calendar: On this page you will be able to edit your schedule as well as view and edit any appointments you may have.
    2. All Agents: On this page, you will be able to see each Agent’s availability as well as their booked appointments and times they’ve excluded from their schedule.
  5. Team Settings: You can access your Agents and Crews by clicking on the gear on the top right corner and selecting "Team Settings" option.
    1. Click on the "Crews" option on the left side under "Team Settings". Create a new Crew by selecting the "Add Crew" button on the right side of the screen. You can find an in depth tutorial on Adding a new Crew here.
    2. The "Agents" option will display all Agents. You can search by name and email, and filter on the the drop down menu by specific Crews. It's important to note that you must have at least one Crew before you invite any Agents. You can find an in depth tutorial for inviting Agents here.
  6. Agent Information: Click on an Agent to view their email and Tables. Click edit to see more details such as their account type, account status, what Crews they are members of, and areas of expertise. You can also choose to remove the Agent here by suspending them, clicking save, and removing the Agent.



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