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v.1.21.0 - June 26th

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v.1.21.0 - June 16th

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v.1.20.0 - June 1st
  • Attribute values can now be mapped through Free Form Text Responses in Experiences
  • Experiences can be Imported and Exported
  • Experiences can be Cloned
  • New Crew Setting can be enabled so Agents in a Crew only see their own Conversations
  • Conversation lists are accessible in the In App Chat
  • Video files uploaded to the Conversation will no longer have to be downloaded, they will play in the Conversation.
  • The In App Chat will remain open while browsing
v1.19.0 - May 13th
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations
v1.18.0 - May 1st
  • Contacts can be exported to CSV
  • Guest authentication length increased to last 30 days
  • UI updates on the Contacts, Experiences, Outbound, and Team Settings sections
v1.17.0 - April 24th
  • Updates to the Voice and Video call UI
    • Call control buttons repositioned to the bottom of the call screen
    • Call control buttons will only show on hover, freeing up more screen area
  • Mobile web: Removed the left panel and added an arrow to navigate to other conversations.
  • Non-USD currency support in Payments. We now support
  • Zoe bot has new Experience step:
    • Inviting friends
    • Including files
v1.16.10 - April 7th
  • Messenger UI refresh including text boxes
  • IAC Improvements
    • Video now available for in-app chat
    • Deep linking to open Experiences in-app
    • Auto-initiation of in-app chat Experiences
  • Chinese UI
v1.15.10 - February 28th
  • Updates to the UI (Phase 1) with left navigation bar and general stying on buttons and modals
  • Email templates are simplified with smaller logos, less content, and less footer text.
  • Reduce the volume of emails with improvements to how notifications get threaded when multiple people are messaging.

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